SMS Online

How to use SMS Online to send text messages from your PC

Instantly send SMS alerts and notifications, SMS marketing messages, order status updates, one time passwords… whatever your business needs ToucanText’s has been designed as a simple-to-use online messaging portal, giving users the ability to send individual messages to single recipients or bulk send to multiple contacts in a single broadcast.…

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Asynchronous – a modern way of sending SMS

Asynchronous programming can help make applications and software more efficient and responsive, especially when they need to send bulk SMS. Despite being around for a long time, asynchronous programming is experiencing a slight revival as more developers exploit its capabilities to improve the speed and performance of their applications and…

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SMS API SMS Automation

8 SMS marketing tips to drive company revenue

With the rapid growth of smartphone users in recent years, SMS marketing has become an essential marketing tool. An SMS message ensures a higher delivery and open rate than email to increase customer engagement and conversion. Bulk SMS marketing solutions such as ToucanText provide organisations with a cost effective and…

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