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Send and receive text messages directly from your inbox – whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo…

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The easiest way to send SMS messages from any desktop, laptop or mobile device

As long as you have got an internet connection you can communicate via SMS, no matter where you are or which email client you use

Why use it?

No additional software is required to use this quick and easy service. It’s as simple as sending an email. You only pay for the messages you send.

  • Quick and affordable
  • Reliable and simple
  • Global reach

Once an account has been set up all you need to do is send an email in the normal way. Simply type the recipient's mobile number before into the To… field.

Start sending SMS in three simple steps

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No integration costs, just a host of great features

We strip out all the complexity so that users can quickly and easily type and send emails as text messages.

Email signatures and CRs

All email signatures will be automatically removed from the text message and long subject lines – carriage returns - will be reduced for SMS purposes.

Two-way SMS

Receive replies directly into your inbox by utilising virtual numbers. Any SMS text messages sent to these numbers will automatically be converted back to email messages and forwarded to the user’s email account.

Account management

Messages are managed via the ToucanText web portal. Through this interactive website, all aspects of an account can be configured, including payment, assigning users and routing messages.

ToucanText Brochure - SMS Services for Business

Our global network enables you to connect to over 7 billion people, across 195 countries, via 1600 direct-to-carrier and Tier 1 connections, guaranteeing global outreach..

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Why should you be using ToucanText?

With a wealth of expereince in a multitude of industries, a premium network service and a global outreach, ToucanText was established to help you reach your audience immediately.

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