SMS Automation

Dynamically integrate SMS with your existing systems to automate and schedule text message alerts, order statuses, marketing and surveys, directly from your business software, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Market proven integration and SMS automation software

ToucanText's SMS Automation software can be integrated with a wide range of applications and systems including CRM, ERP, marketing and warehouse management systems.

Why use it?

Our automated SMS service enables you to create and distribute data-driven, personalised SMS messages to employees, prospects, suppliers and existing customers at the exact moment the communication is required.

  • Proven history
  • Seamless integration
  • Reliable and efficient

Automation guarantees the timing, relevance, personalisation and performance of communications and can help cut costs, improve communication and reduce risk.

Just some of the applications we can trigger SMS messages from

Access Dimensions




Microsoft Dynamics

SAP Business One

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The benefits of automating SMS

Automating SMS from business systems can be applied to a multitude of scenarios, helping to improve customer service, guarantee management alerts and generate new business.

Improve customer communication

Keep customers fully updated by providing them with order statuses, delivery notifications, event reminders, appointment confirmations, service reminders or news updates.

Drive revenues via automated SMS marketing

Automatically identify prospective campaign targets and guarantee successful delivery by sending them promo codes, offers or other calls to action via SMS.

Protect your systems with monitoring alerts

Text messaging technology can be easily integrated into any monitoring solution, enabling IT managers to receive instant automated messages about faults whilst on call 24/7.

Avert risk via business alerts

Monitor your business applications and send SMS alerts when your exact business rules are breached such as stock level thresholds, incorrect pricing, financial KPIs or sensitive data.

Increase survey responses

A cheaper, quicker way of distributing surveys. Utilising SMS also results in an increase in responses due to the ease at which people can reply and communicate.

Enhance security protocols

Automatically issue two-factor authentication for remote access or login procedures – a one-time password or SMS token can be easily sent to mobiles via Flash SMS.

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Our global network enables you to connect to over 7 billion people, across 195 countries, via 1600 direct-to-carrier and Tier 1 connections, guaranteeing global outreach..

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