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What is promotional SMS?

What is promotional SMS? Promotional SMS is a cost effective and efficient marketing tool that helps to promote your company, service or products direct to the recipients’ mobile phone. Using a promotional SMS gateway for business promotion is a primary marketing channel predominately used by B2C organisations to increase sales…

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SMS for insurance companies

Using SMS for renewal reminders, claim updates and marketing campaigns can help insurance organisations improve customer service and increase business efficiency. The insurance industry is highly competitive and customers will simply switch to another provider if they have a bad user experience or poor customer service. At the centre of…

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SMS Automation

Keeping customers informed by automating SMS notifications

Despite developments in technology and social media, SMS is still one of the most reliable and effective ways of getting information across to customers. For some psychological reason, people just don’t seem to ignore text messages as much as they do with email or physical calls. It probably has something…

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