Email to SMS Gateway SMS API

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway provides the link between applications and mobile networks, enabling the distribution of text messages from business software to customers, employees and partners. Before we get into why developers and software vendors benefit from using an SMS gateway, we need to delve briefly into the technology involved. Mobile…

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SMS Automation

Inbound SMS Service: Retrieve Text Message Tool

New Retrieve Text Message tool included in our SMS Automation software enables users to manage inbound SMS. The Retrieve Text Message tool provides connectivity between ToucanText and any software that SMS Automation is integrated with for the purposes for retrieving inbound messages. Such messages can be in the form of…

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SMS API SMS Automation

What is promotional SMS?

What is promotional SMS? Promotional SMS is a cost effective and efficient marketing tool that helps to promote your company, service or products direct to the recipients’ mobile phone. Using a promotional SMS gateway for business promotion is a primary marketing channel predominately used by B2C organisations to increase sales…

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