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Flash SMS is an extremely useful tool for businesses that use text messaging in their communication strategies. This is especially true if an organisation needs to issue critical alerts to employees, customers or other stakeholders.

Flash SMS messages don’t rely on storage, they merely appear directly on the home screen of a person’s mobile phone. This makes them difficult to ignore, thus ensuring that the recipient is fully aware of the critical nature of the communication.

It might be an IT issue whereby there has been significant changes to sensitive data, such as the deletion/addition of files to a network folder, or the website or eCommerce store are experiencing problems. Finance may be affected by an overdue payment resulting in cash flow difficulties. Inventory may have dropped below an established level which can have a serious knock on effect for sales, distribution and customer service.

Whichever critical scenario occurs, having the right information at the right time can often be the difference between success and failure. Making the relevant people aware of the situation, whether they are customers, members, suppliers or business partners, is essential. The sooner a potential issue is recognised the sooner it can be resolved.

Sending flash SMS with ToucanText’s SMS Online service is exactly the same as sending a simple text message. All that needs to be done is to click the ‘Send as flash SMS’ tick box and ToucanText will do the rest. It’s that straightforward.

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The issue that many businesses might want to resolve, however, is automatically sending flash SMS alerts in response to critical situations, rather than relying on manual intervention.

Automating critical flash SMS alerts

With so much information being stored in business systems, it can be extremely difficult to monitor and find the critical data required in a timely fashion, causing a bottleneck or delay in resolving the problem.

Automating the monitoring of critical data changes generated by any business system (accounting, CRM, ERP or warehousing) will remove the inconsistency and possibility of any problems being overlooked. Significant or critical data changes can be immediately recognised and then extracted to notify the relevant person or department via flash SMS. With 100% visibility of critical information decisions can be made a lot quicker and serious crises can be averted.

ToucanText’s SMS Automation software can be used for this exact scenario. Any process can be set to adhere to pre-defined rules, events or triggers, which can vary from department to department. Once a defined critical event occurs, the software can then automatically issue a flash SMS alert to the relevant contact or group of people.

Automating critical flash SMS alerts is a simple process to incorporate into any business system and can make a considerable difference to the running of an organisation: improving company performance, ensuring 100% visibility of critical information, improving customer service and ultimately reducing exposure to financial risk.

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